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Dynavision Sports Hires National Business Development Specialist

Cincinnati – Tuesday, June 28, 2011 – Dynavision Sports has hired Dan Sellers as a national business development specialist. Effective immediately, Dan’s job is to accelerate the integration of Dynavision technology throughout professional, collegiate and youth athletic programs across the country.

Dan Sellers attended the University of Cincinnati on an athletic scholarship, going on to play six years of professional football with multiple CFL teams and the NFL New York Jets. He also has more than a decade and a half of experience in the corporate business development field, working for companies like Panasonic and Multivista.  In 2005, he started his own company, Diversified Facility Solutions LLC, where he continues to provide an array of services to clients including Wells Fargo, Frito Lay, Macy’s Department Stores and more.  Dan was even invited to the White house by President Bush in 2003 to participate in the first meeting of the Urban Entrepreneur Partnership.

Dan says that while he’s done well in his career, he’s looking forward to getting back to his athletic roots in his new role, and merging his passions for sports and business at Dynavision.

For more than 20 years, Dynavision has developed training and evaluation devices to improve performance and rehabilitation for athletes everywhere. Dynavision recently released two state-of-the-art training systems – the I-SPAN and the D2 – both of which Dan will be responsible for selling. The I-SPAN provides scoring capabilities for agility, explosive reaction time, speed and other forms of movement, while the D2 tracks and improves reaction time, peripheral awareness, hand-eye coordination, and other visual-motor skills.

“Dan understands the value of our devices throughout the athletic realm,” Mark Hallis, CMO of Dynavision Sports said. “His background as an accomplished athlete and business professional makes him the ideal person to perpetuate the growth of Dynavision. We are lucky to have him on board.”

Dynavision technology can be found at Gatorade Sport Science Institute, IMG Performance Institute, University of Cincinnati, Baylor University, University of Central Florida, WestPoint, Air Force Academy, NASCAR Racer Kasey Kahne’s facility and countless other athletic programs across the nation.


For more information, please visit: http://www.dynavisiond2.com/index.php

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Dynavision’s I-SPAN Technology Tests Players as They Prepare for the NBA Draft

LOS ANGELES – Friday, June 24, 2011 – NBA prospects Brandon Knight and twins Markieff and Marcus Morris were recently featured on episodes of ESPN: Sport Science, highlighting their mental and physical agility as they gear up for the draft. The segments were centered around Dynavision Sports’ I-SPAN training technology, which measures players’ visuo-motor and movement skills under varying conditions.

“As a point guard, you have to be able to think a couple of plays ahead, know where the play needs to go, react and stay in front,” Knight said during his test.

The I-SPAN is designed to accommodate those needs.

The device consists of a central computer and eight stations that glow in random succession. The light indicates where the athlete is to go next, and then the user must wave his/her hand over each light as it is signaled. The technology tracks, measures, and improves all forms of movement, including acceleration, speed, agility, explosive reactions, and more.

Knight, who is known well for his mental game and quick thinking, was given a customized workout to test his cognitive and physical skills. He received baseline reaction scores on his first run on the I-SPAN, and was then tested again while simultaneously answering trivia questions. With this added mental pressure, Brandon’s reaction time slowed by .04 seconds.

In a separate episode, the I-SPAN recorded Markieff’s average reaction time as less than six-tenths of a second, which compares well to other NBA draft prospects, including his twin brother.

“The mental and physical reaction times of these players are imperative to their journey in the NBA, and continued use on the I-SPAN could make these great athletes phenomenal,” Mark Hallis, CMO of Dynavision Sports said. “The device can be used in almost any situation: horizontally as floor exercises or vertically with the lamp mounted on a multi-adjustable frame. The test is fun, yet challenging and ever-changing, just like the sport of basketball.”

To see the I-SPAN in action, click on the below ESPN Sports Science segments:

ESPN Sports Science Segment 1

ESPN Sports Science Segment 2

Click here for more information about Dynavision.

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ESPN Sport Science Features Dynavision D2 Reaction Trainer in NASCAR Segment

Dynavision Sports’ D2 technology was featured this weekend on ESPN Sport Science. The device was used to test NASCAR driver Carl Edwards’ reaction time in varying conditions.

The D2 contains a sphere of buttons that light up in random succession and is designed to measure, track and improve reaction time, peripheral awareness, hand-eye coordination and other visual-motor skills. During the Sport Science segment, Edwards had to call out random flashing numbers and track lights, all while being blasted by noises.

“That’s the kind of environment that we race in,” Edwards said during the segment. “There is a lot of noise; you are focusing on different things. You are having to verbalize something a lot of times about the car. So that’s actually a really good test.”

Other racers who have used the technology include NASCAR’s Kasey Kahne; NHRA 2010 Top Fuel Champion Larry Dixon; and several seasoned and rookie motor sports athletes who train regularly on the D2 and I-SPAN at Indianapolis-based PitFit Training.

“Drivers are instantly drawn to the D2,” Mark Hallis, CMO of Dynavision Sports said. “This type of training allows athletes to improve their reaction times and maintain focus – and when half a second can mean the difference between winning and losing, this training is invaluable.”

Dynavision technology also can be found at Gatorade Sports Science Institute, IMG Performance Institute, the University of Cincinnati, University of Central Florida, Baylor University, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, WestPoint, the Air Force Academy and several other athletic programs across the country.


The ESPN Sport Science segment can be viewed here: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=6555547

For more information on Dynavision, please visit: http://www.dynavisiond2.com/index.php

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NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne looks for edge with new training at ETSU clinic

Dynavision’s D2 product, focused on hand-eye coordination, is making waves in the realm of athletics.  It’s application in the sport of auto racing is just getting started.  It will, however, make waves in the industry as more and more drivers become aware of the benefits the D2 can provide for their ability to react to the demands presented during a race.

By Jeff Birchfield (Press Sports Writer) jbirchfield@johnsoncitypress.com


NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Kasey Kahne had to see it for himself.

Kahne made the three-hour drive from Charlotte to the Fifth Annual Coaches and Sports Science Clinic hosted by ETSU at the Millennium Centre on Friday to get a sneak peak at the Dynavision D2 visuomotor training device. The machine, which is used in over 600 hospitals and by the military, is now one of the hottest pieces of sports-training equipment. Among its benefits are improving reaction time, peripheral awareness and hand-eye coordination.

The 30-year-old Kahne, who moves to the No. 4 Red Bull Toyota for the 2011 season, sees it being a great supplement to other training for his sport.

“I could have gone on the internet and saw the people using the Dynavision, but you have to do it for yourself,” said Kahne, an 11-time winner in the Cup Series. “I’m pretty slow at it so there are a lot of places where I can improve. It definitely can be good for racing when certain things happen really quick. There is no way having faster reflexes will hurt.”

Joey Saldana, who drives for Kahne on the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series, is already using the machine and raved to his boss about its benefits. Another racer who swears by it is NHRA Top Fuel driver Larry Dixon, always looking for an edge in reaction time.

The first version of the machine was developed in the 1980s in Canada and called the “Ice Man.”

Phil Jones, a former Canadian Football League player with the Edmonton Eskimos, liked the machine so much that he ended up working for the company as a spokesperson. Later, he bought the rights to the company and had to endure a few lean years. While he saw it as good for the traditional sports of football, baseball, basketball and hockey, he was often rejected selling the product to professional and college teams.

A new market opened up with hospitals, who found it helpful in treating strokes and brain trauma. The U.S. Army also found it effective in helping soldiers make split-second decisions to carry over to the battlefield. Eventually, the sports teams came around as Jones has found the D2 and the I-Span device, also on display, to be good training equipment for all sports. Jones showed video clips of tennis players, volleyball players and soccer players using the Dynavision equipment.

“Every athlete who uses it, loves to use it,” Jones said. “Everybody who sees it looks at (hockey) goaltenders because they tend to make similar movements. But really, it’s all about visual reaction, how quick you can take in information and turn it around. We promote it for every athlete, even the coaches. The coach during a game has more information to process than anyone.”

Racing applications have gone beyond the driver as the equipment has been adjusted to be more specific to the jobs of different pit crew members. On the driver’s side, Kahne sees it especially helpful when the Sprint Cup Series makes it two visits every year to the Bristol Motor Speedway.

“We all know that things happen at Bristol really fast,” Kahne said. “To me, this would be great in being a little quicker in trying to avoid a wreck. Anytime you can make a quicker adjustment to anything you’re doing, it can help.”

Jones has found that race car drivers stack up well with other athletes when it comes to using the D2.

“Race car drivers at the top level must have great vision,” Jones said. “You can’t be in such a fast-moving sport without being able to process information quickly. They’re definitely going to have higher skills than most. But the challenge for them is like any other athlete, you can always do better and score higher. In any of these sports, gaining one-tenth of a second can mean the difference in earning millions of dollars. It’s worth the training.”

Outside of the new device, Kahne feels ahead of the game with a switch from Richard Petty Motorsports to the Red Bull team before the end of last season. While he is scheduled to move on and take over the No. 5 at Hendrick Motorsports in 2012, Kahne believes his time with Red Bull could produce good results.

“It was good for me. I was happy to work with the Red Bull guys,” Kahne said. “I’m glad to move from where I was. There were too many ups and downs, too much drama over the last 3-4 years. It’s nice to move to a strong company where you don’t have to worry about all the other stuff. I can focus on how we’re going to win races. We have a great team set up and I really feel we can win this year.”

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Athletic Republic Boasts New Vision Training Program


Monroe, La. – Nov. 18, 2010 – The Athletic Republic of North Louisiana: Monroe and Shreveport Facilities has implemented a new vision training program for its athletes, through the adoption of an I-SPAN Reactive Trainer device. Dynavision Sports is the maker of the I-SPAN, a diagnostic instrument designed for measurement, analysis and improvement of all forms of movement including acceleration, agility, explosive reaction, endurance and more.

“The sky is the limit with the I-SPAN,” Kobus Smit, Athletic Republic facility director said. “It gives us the creative ability to do a variety of exercises. We are currently in the process of developing unique protocols for every sport so that each athlete can benefit in a way that is relevant to his/her needs.”

Soccer and tennis players both use the technology to quicken their movement skills, but whereas soccer players concentrate on eye-foot coordination, tennis players wave their racquets over the light sensors and work on hand-eye coordination.

The I-SPAN was set up in the facility about a month ago and according to Smit, athletes have already seen improvement while using it.

“I work with a 16-year old tennis player who has always had a habit of dragging her foot when playing,” Smit said. “She has been using the I-SPAN twice a week for four weeks. Her reaction time and speed have both increased and she no longer drags her foot. The I-SPAN has really helped her.”

Smit emphasizes that the I-SPAN’s greatest value is in its measurability. “You can test an athlete and actually track his/her improvement over time. That’s exactly what we want– a tangible way to prove to our athletes that the work they are doing with us is making a difference.”

According to Dynavision Sports, this feedback on the I-SPAN – which is found in several training facilities and athletic programs across the country – is common.

“The I-SPAN has been on the market for about six months, and it has made a huge splash across virtually every sport,” Mark Hallis, CMO of Dynavision Sports said. “The device is incredibly versatile and can be assembled in countless ways to accommodate different exercises and protocols – it is perfect for a place like Athletic Republic, which has such a diverse range of athletes and needs.”

Smit suggests the excitement has only begun and that there is a big future for Athletic Republic and the new vision training program.

“It’s too early to reveal everything we are going to do,” Smit said. “But let’s just say community members and students outside our program are going to get a feel for all this technology has to offer.”

For more information, visit http://sports.dynavisiond2.com/ or contact Lauren Novo at 850-412-0300 or lauren@team180.com.

Dynavision Sports Adds New Client to Roster

Tulsa, Okla. – Nov. 3, 2010 – Dynavision Sports inked a deal this week with Elite Sports Performance, a training facility located in Anchorage, Alaska. The facility ordered Dynavision’s I-SPAN Dynamic Reactive Trainer and will be integrating the technology into its athletes’ workout regimens immediately upon arrival.

“I have worked with a Dynavision unit before and recently came across the I-SPAN on the company’s website,” Louis Mass, owner of Elite Sports Performance said. “Our facility specializes in the development of hockey players, both amateur and professional, and they will primarily be the ones using the I-SPAN. We look forward to seeing it in action.”

The I-SPAN is one of two primary sports vision training devices manufactured by Dynavision Sports. It is a diagnostic instrument designed for measurement, analysis and improvement of all forms of movement including acceleration, agility, explosive reaction, endurance and more.

“The I-SPAN has made a huge splash across virtually every sport,” Mark Hallis, CMO of Dynavision Sports said. “As the videos on our Facebook page demonstrate, the device can be used in countless ways. Goalies tend to set up the equipment like a goal net in order to practice explosive reactions from all angles. On the other hand, tennis players will often arrange the motion sensors in a line and work on their speed and agility to simulate actual back-and-forth plays. This device is going to do great things for the hockey players at Elite Sports Performance.”

The I-SPAN and the Dynavision D2 – a four foot by four foot unit that measures and improves reaction time, peripheral awareness, hand-eye coordination and other visuo-motor skills – have so far been embraced by The University of Cincinnati, Baylor University, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, IMG Performance Institute, New York Rangers, NHRA Top Fuel star Larry Dixon and other athletic programs and athletes across the country.

For more information, visit http://sports.dynavisiond2.com/ or contact Lauren Novo at 850-412-0300 or lauren@team180.com.

Want to create real change in the realm of athletics and rehabilitation? Dynavision is hiring!

Job Description:

Dynavision Sports is seeking sales representatives and distributors for high performance training equipment in the sports performance and rehabilitation markets. Reps will be working with two devices: Dynavision D2 and the I-SPAN. Positions are open for local, state and regional areas. The following open regional areas include: Southwest, Northeast, Southeast, Mid Atlantic, Midwest, Northwest, Southern and Central.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Individuals who have strong relationships in private fitness centers, NCAA programs, professional and local sports clubs, etc…
  • Previous experience in sales
  • Strong understanding of the strength and performance market
  • Ability to communicate well via phone, email and in person

Company Description:

Dynavision Sports manufactures sports vision training devices for athletes of every sport. The D2 is a four foot by four foot unit that tracks, measures and improves reaction time, peripheral awareness, hand-eye coordination and other visuo-motor skills. The I-SPAN includes agility and other movement training. The devices are currently being integrated into NCAA, professional and other athletic programs across the country including Baylor University, the University of Cincinnati, IMG Performance Institute, the Air Force Academy, Detroit Redwings and more. Learn more by visiting the website: http://sports.dynavisiond2.com/

Job Contact:

Please contact Mark Hallis, Chief Marketing Officer of Dynavision Sports at mark@dynavisionsports.com or 416-931-6690 if you are interested in the positions available.