Dynavision’s I-SPAN Technology Tests Players as They Prepare for the NBA Draft

LOS ANGELES – Friday, June 24, 2011 – NBA prospects Brandon Knight and twins Markieff and Marcus Morris were recently featured on episodes of ESPN: Sport Science, highlighting their mental and physical agility as they gear up for the draft. The segments were centered around Dynavision Sports’ I-SPAN training technology, which measures players’ visuo-motor and movement skills under varying conditions.

“As a point guard, you have to be able to think a couple of plays ahead, know where the play needs to go, react and stay in front,” Knight said during his test.

The I-SPAN is designed to accommodate those needs.

The device consists of a central computer and eight stations that glow in random succession. The light indicates where the athlete is to go next, and then the user must wave his/her hand over each light as it is signaled. The technology tracks, measures, and improves all forms of movement, including acceleration, speed, agility, explosive reactions, and more.

Knight, who is known well for his mental game and quick thinking, was given a customized workout to test his cognitive and physical skills. He received baseline reaction scores on his first run on the I-SPAN, and was then tested again while simultaneously answering trivia questions. With this added mental pressure, Brandon’s reaction time slowed by .04 seconds.

In a separate episode, the I-SPAN recorded Markieff’s average reaction time as less than six-tenths of a second, which compares well to other NBA draft prospects, including his twin brother.

“The mental and physical reaction times of these players are imperative to their journey in the NBA, and continued use on the I-SPAN could make these great athletes phenomenal,” Mark Hallis, CMO of Dynavision Sports said. “The device can be used in almost any situation: horizontally as floor exercises or vertically with the lamp mounted on a multi-adjustable frame. The test is fun, yet challenging and ever-changing, just like the sport of basketball.”

To see the I-SPAN in action, click on the below ESPN Sports Science segments:

ESPN Sports Science Segment 1

ESPN Sports Science Segment 2

Click here for more information about Dynavision.

For more information on the world of strength and conditioning visit Strength Performance Network.


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